Terms and Condition

Last update: 20 October 2021

For greater clarity and transparency in the service offered by our site, this section indicates the main conditions of sale and general information. For any doubt or information, you can contact us at the email address desk@virtualim.it

In this document the “Customer” refers to the private individual or to the company that bought a service offered by TF s.a.s. through the virtualim.it portal

The Customer, by electronically sending the confirmation of his purchase order, accepts and undertakes to observe these conditions of sale in his relations with TF s.a.s ..

The Customer acknowledges that TF s.a.s. is not bound to conditions of sale other than those indicated here unless previously agreed in writing. TF s.a.s. reserves the right to modify the conditions of sale for the future. In this case, they will be effective only for purchase orders placed by the Customer after their publication on the Site.

TF s.a.s. therefore invites the customer to read the latest version of the conditions of sale before making any purchase order and possibly to print a copy or save it on computer.

Virtualim.it is an online service that provides cavity filling simulations and analyzes for injection molded parts in thermoplastic material. The services and products of www.virtualim.it, third party services and any other service that may be provided, from time to time, is indicated in the part of the website that describes the individual Service (hereinafter the “Service” or the ” Services”).

TF s.a.s. can replace the host server hardware, transfer it from one datacenter to another, transfer your account to another server – including servers in another datacenter or geographic location -, modify certain software configurations when deemed necessary by TF s.a.s. to ensure the quality and safety of the Services. Hardware configurations may vary.

The proprietary and third-party software offered as part of the Services will be provided as is and will be subject to availability and all warranty exclusions and limitations of liability set forth herein. Such software may have terms and conditions in addition to those set forth in this Agreement. You must agree to these terms in order to use the software. Failing this, the Service will not be used.

Access to the Service may be interrupted sporadically due to technical problems, maintenance, restoration or for other reasons beyond the control of TF s.a.s.

Payment for the Service is anticipated for the entire duration established in the order or for its renewal.

The Customer is responsible for the timely payment of the Service.

The prices of the Services may change at any time at the discretion of TF s.a.s.. The changes to the rates will be immediately effective and will be applied starting from the next purchase or renewal.

Refunds are not offered for price reductions or promotional discounts.

The current rate and payment method are listed on our website. Unless there is a specific agreement on the use of the Service, the Customer acknowledges and agrees to pay the fee for the respective Service indicated on the Website at the time of placing the order.

All rates listed on the website are exclusive of applicable taxes, unless otherwise specified.

In some cases, the issuer of the chosen payment method may charge a foreign transaction fee or other fees that could be added to the final amount that appears on the statement or published as a separate charge. TF s.a.s. has no control over these amounts.

Timing in the payment is essential. Client’s accounts will not be activated or renewed until all outstanding fees are paid. Domain name registration fees must be paid in full before the domain name registration is processed.

The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the payment data are kept by the payment providers to process the payment for any TF s.a.s. Service. whether it is purchased or renewed.

The obligation to provide the Service depends on the payment of the fees. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the payment of fees is received on time.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to keep at least one payment method active. TF s.a.s. reserves the right to make a primary alternative payment method if it establishes that the current one is not active for some reason. You can manage your payment methods from the Customer area of the Website.

The Customer confirms that any payment method used and/or added is his property or that he has been specifically authorized by the card owner to use it for the purchase.

If you want to designate a different credit card or if you experience a change to your credit card or account status PayPal, you must change your information online at https:www.virtualim.com or send an email to desk@virtualim.it.

In case of delay in the payment of the tariff(s) due, for any reason, TF s.a.s. may continue to attempt to charge payment from the saved method, suspend and / or terminate the Services and recover the costs incurred, including without limitation, any legal fees. TF s.a.s. is not responsible for any Customer content that is deleted or lost as a result of any suspension or termination of the Service(s).

Some Services may be available free of charge. Such Services may only be used by Customer during the stipulated period and may not be transferred to other hosting accounts or third parties. At the end of the period these services will also be terminated.

Invoices are charged immediately upon receipt. TF s.a.s. reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the Services until payment.

By accepting these Terms of Service, the Customer authorizes TF s.a.s. to send invoices electronically to the e-mail address specified in your Customer Area. If you wish to receive a paper invoice, the request must be made through the Customer Area.

Should the Services be suspended through customer’s fault for any reason, the Fees will continue to accrue until the termination or expiration of the term of this Agreement.

TF s.a.s. does not process and does not store the data of the payment titles (e.g. credit card numbers) of the Customers used to make purchases, which are processed by the relative payment service providers. The actual payment takes place by transferring the protected and encrypted data directly to the payment gateway. Only after the transaction has taken place, the payment service provider communicates to TF s.a.s. the outcome of the payment.

TF s.a.s. reserves the right to apply, for security reasons, limitations and exclusions to the payment instruments that can be used by the Customer for the payment of the Service.

TF s.a.s. reserves the right not to accept orders in case of supply of personal data and / or non-real payment, previous non-fulfillment for any reason towards TF s.a.s., exceeding the expenditure ceilings. TF s.a.s. carries out the necessary checks to take the most appropriate actions aimed at curbing illegal activities, reserving the right to act against anyone who commits crimes of online fraud.

TF s.a.s. reserves the right to interrupt the Service at any time without notice.

TF s.a.s. assumes no responsibility for damages, direct or indirect, of any nature, suffered by the Customer, its partners, agents, employees and collaborators in relation to the use of the Service provided.

For no reason TF s.a.s. can be held responsible for loss of profit, inability to use, direct and indirect damages of any kind.

TF s.a.s. is in no way responsible for the consequences resulting from the illegitimate use of the information provided by the Customer.

In particular, TF s.a.s. does not guarantee:

  • the uninterrupted operation of the website www.virtualim.it
  • error-free operation of the website www.virtualim.it

Any technical disruptions to the www.virtualim.it site or temporary interruptions that may temporarily prevent its use will not result in any compensation in favor of the Customer.

The Platform may contain links to other sites belonging to third parties. TF s.a.s. cannot be held responsible for the accessibility and content of these resources and for any consequences related to the use of such content.

The Customer accepts that the only remedy for any alleged damage caused by the TF s.a.s. is the cancellation of the subscribed service.

If at any time during the Service Term, a request for analysis and / or simulation is sent to TF s.a.s. will use reasonable commercial efforts to produce the required simulation in the shortest time possible. In the event that TF s.a.s. is unable, for any reason, to carry out the analysis or simulation requested as a sole and exclusive remedy, will refund the Customer the amount paid for the simulation and / or analysis in question.

TF s.a.s. and its directors, employees, agents, suppliers, partners and content providers do not warrant that:

(a) the Service prevents the production of parts with any type of defect; (b) the graphics produced are consistent with the customer’s operational reality; (c) the Service will be secure or available at any time; (d) the analysis and simulation is free from any defect or error; (e) any content or software available through the service is free from viruses or other harmful components.

Any content downloaded from or otherwise accessible through the sites or the Service is accessible at the risk of the Customer who is liable for any damages including, without limitation, the computer operating system, any device he uses to access the sites or the Service and any website or any other loss resulting from accessing such content.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees to use the website and the Service at its own discretion and risk and that it will be solely responsible for any damage to the computer systems, compromised websites or loss of data resulting from the use of the sites and the Service.

It will be the customer’s responsibility to provide all the specifications requested by TF s.a.s. to have the characterization.

The characterization of polymers has a cost for the customer. The characterized polymers on request will be freely made available in the Virtualim.it database

Subscribing to a Wallet allows you to have a credit towards TF s.a.s. for the realization of simulations for the amount subscribed.

The Wallet is not subject to automatic renewal.

The Wallet has no time limit.

The Wallet is not refundable.

The fulfillment of orders paid by Wallet and submitted by the Customer to TF s.a.s. it is communicated by TF s.a.s. from time to time.

By subscribing to an “All you can simulate” plan, the Customer has the possibility to subscribe to a monthly, half-yearly or annual subscription during the time in which he has the possibility of an unlimited number of simulations. The fulfillment of the assigned orders is in any case always subordinated to the technical capacity of TF s.a.s. to process the orders sent.

The “All you can simulate” subscription plan is not subject to automatic renewal.

The “All you can simulate” subscription plan will end when the current term expires, unless the Customer decides to manually renew the service before that date.

If the “All you can simulate” subscription plan is not renewed before the end of the contract, the Service may be interrupted at the end of the contract and TF s.a.s. cannot be held responsible towards the user or third parties.

The “All you can simulate” subscription plan is non-refundable.

Within thirty (30) days from the Wallet subscription date or the start of the “All you can simulate” subscription plan or from any Start date of the renewal period the Service can be canceled (“Cancellation Period”). In this case TF s.a.s. will refund the cost of the subscription to the Service for the applicable duration, provided that the Customer has not sent any request for simulation and / or analysis during the cancellation period.

The Customer agrees to make any cancellation request through a request ticket to TF s.a.s. through the ticketing system.

Any refund requests will be handled using the same payment method used for the initial transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise. TF s.a.s. is not responsible for delays in refunds caused by the processing institutes or the expiration of the original payment method

With the prior consent of the Customer TF s.a.s. may issue a refund as credit added to the Customer Account to be used for future purchases and/ orrenewals of our Services.

The www.virtualim.it site, the pages that compose it, the technologies, the platform, the ideas, the logos, the brands, the graphics, the texts, the audio/video files and more generally any other creativity connected to the site and services are the exclusive property of TF sas.

They cannot be reproduced, used or represented by the Customer, except in cases where it is expressly admitted and within the limits in which it is admitted. The Customer is granted a non-transferable and limited right to use the site and/or services for private and non-commercial use.

TF s.a.s. does not send anything physical to the Customer. TF s.a.s. does not send any email with the Reports resulting from our analyzes to the Client with attachments.

TF s.a.s. exclusively makes available to the Customer a space on its servers where the analysis data, the geometries provided and therefore the Reports produced as a result of the analyzes exclusively in electronic format will be saved.

Upon receipt of communication, the customer will be responsible for the availability of reports, to download, duplicate and / or print them as he sees fit.

TF s.a.s is not responsible for any loss of information stored on its servers, nor for the continuity of operation of the same.

After 2 (two) years from the realization the files can be deleted without any notice being due to the Customer.

TF s.a.s. collects information when accessing the services offered.

This information is used exclusively to contact the customer and / or to provide site support or maintenance services. TF s.a.s. treats all information provided as strictly confidential.

This data can be transferred to TF s.a.s. servers. for operations such as backup copy.

Partial access to this information can be provided to collaborators and partners of TF s.a.s. for the sole purpose of providing the agreed services.

In the event that some of the rules set out in these Terms of Use are inapplicable, the others will continue to be fully effective. The subscribed service is subject to Italian law. The Court of Brescia will be responsible for deciding any controversy arising or otherwise connected with the contract and these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use, the various provisions indicated in the stages of the distance selling process, where applicable, constitute the entire contractual agreement between the Customer and TF s.a.s.

TF s.a.s. reserves the right to change the conditions of use at any time, by informing customers via email. The customer is responsible for reading and understanding the changes. Continuing to use the Service implies acceptance of the changes.

For any questions or comments to this document, send an email to desk@virtualim.it