Virtualim.it is a web portal owned by TF s.a.s. that deals with mechanical design in the world of molds in Lumezzane (Brescia).

Our job is to design components and molds and to make filling analysis to obtain the maximum quality of the molded part.

We have evolute workstations with a total of 50+ cores available to calculate your filling processes.

To date we use an historical software in Italy for the simulation derived from the famous Bertacchi TM concept, automated and customized for our needs.

The result of all our elaborations translates into a report.

In the report you will find:

  • Technological information about the chosen polymer,
  • The analysis of the thickness of the part,
  • Definition of the technological parameters (injection rate, maintenance pressure, cooling times …)
  • Fill videos
  • Flow rate and pressure graphs
  • Identification of the joints
  • Identification of air traps

It virtually simulates the process of filling the mold cavity by a thermoplastic polymer starting from the indicated injection points. It is possible to simulate the filling of the piece only without indicating the sprue or to model the entire injection channel with the chosen attachment (tunnel, direct, fan …)

Because we use highly efficient machines that allow us to compress calculation times together with the use of standardized procedures and formats for analysis and reporting. All this in addition to a push for automation of the entire analysis and simulation process

is completely Italian and all activity take place in our only Headquarters located in Italy in Lumezzane BS, via Zanagnolo 10/L.


.STP .STEP .IGS .X_T – Also multiple files separated in sprues and parts


If you can, remove all the logos, brands or writings from your model. These usually do not affect the filling fluid dynamics but only complicate the mesh of the part.

If it is not possible, we will delete them and then we will ask you to confirm the operation.


Model threads only if actually present and necessary for the geometric description of the part.


Models the injection points on the part with 1mm diameter cylinders at least 3mm high in order to be easily and uniquely identifiable in the geometry. Also attach images for completeness

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us writing at desk@virtuaim.it

For 3D parts We accept format .stp .igs e .x_t

To have the preview of the uploaded file it is necessary to use a .stp

The maximum size is 200Mb for a single file.

If you wish you can upload the compressed file in a .ZIP file.

You can also upload accessory information via .pdf, .doc, .txt files or in any format (including images) by compressing everything in a .zip archive

Click here to upload a cavity filling file

Once the 3D geometry has been loaded and your order has been sent, we will examine it and you will receive within a few hours a contact from a Virtualim.it expert who will confirm the accuracy of the information provided or suggest any changes.

You will always be able to submit any questions about the process to the Virtualim.it experts or make any changes you deem necessary.

If you want support for the CAD modeling of the injection system and the attachment, before starting the simulation, you will be sent the geometry for approval.

Together with the technical approval of the geometry, you will receive a schedule with the expected delivery of the report and you will be updated on the progress of the process.

There are 2 fast solutions:

1) By clicking here you can download FreeCAD which is an excellent 3D CAD easy to use but at the same time will allow you to create a professional 3D file: it is a open souce project and it is completely free.

2) Or by clicking the links below by directly contacting the TFlab designers who will be happy to help you. Request for offer for TFLab.

The polymers available for the calculation are those found in the online polymer list.

If you wish to use a specific polymer we can characterize it. Contact us at desk@virtualim.it providing us with the information you have about the polymer, the manufacturer and we will let you know how we can help you.

The machine available for the hot and cold chambers are those found in the online molding machine list.

If you want to be informed in real time on the characterization of new machines, subscribe to the newsletter by entering your email address by clicking the “subscribe to the newsletter” button. In addition to information on news, you will receive offers and discount vouchers reserved for members.

If you want to use a specific molding machine we can characterize it. Contact us at desk@virtualim.it providing us with the information you have about the desired machine and we will tell you how we can help you.

To enter the correct data it is useful to introduce a shared terminology. We indicate the colors of the parts that we must specify to fill in this section. We refer to the following image.

Sprue: red

Injection: green

Part: blu

The subscription of a Wallet allows to have a credit towards Virtualim for the realization of simulations for the amount subscribed.

The Wallet is not subject to automatic renewal.

The Wallet has no time limit.

The Wallet is not refundable.

The dispatch of orders paid by Wallet and submitted by the Customer to TF s.a.s. is communicated from time to time.

By subscribing to an “All you can simulate” subscription plan you will have the opportunity to subscribe to a monthly, semi-annual or annual subscription during which you will have the opportunity to do an unlimited number of simulations.

The “All you can simulate” subscription plan is not subject to automatic renewal.

The “All you can simulate” subscription plan will end when the current term expires, unless the Customer decides to manually renew the service before that date.

The “All you can simulate” subscription plan is non-refundable.

The fulfillment of orders is subject to the approval of TF Sas and cannot exceed 15, 30, 60 respectively for packages of 3, 6, 12 months.

When loading the geometry, if you do not indicate any MATCHING job, in the notes field you can specify the BASIC ESSENTIAL information to proceed:

  • Alloy to be used
  • Expected quality or reference sector

We also suggest indicating:

  • Molding machine and/or suitable machines, if not specified we will make our proposals
  • Range of possible plunger, if not specified we will make our proposals

Feel free to send an email to info@virtualim.it with all the information useful to frame the problem. We will provide you with an ad hoc quotation for your specific case.

Send an email to info@virtualim.it, we will provide you with an ad hoc quotation for your specific case.

It is quite common for companies and people who use our service to ask us to sign a Confidentiality Agreement or NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). Companies and individuals are often suggested to use such an agreement to protect their intellectual property rights and to maintain confidentiality about their business processes.

Subscribe our NDA

Virtualim manages your projects with the utmost discretion, and respects the confidentiality of all information received. Our goal is to treat you as we ourselves would like to be treated.

Download the Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) template. Fill it in with your details and send it to nda@virtualim.it

Important: all the 3d files you upload online to Virtualim.it are armored and protected with end-to-end encryption, which means that no one can see or take them.

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